5 Reasons Why Tech Will Lead to SHTF

Tech will lead to SHTF

The Problem with Moving Fast: Things Break

Tech developments are advancing at an exponential pace. Many believe this to be a good thing, as catchy mottos like “move fast and break things” have gone mainstream. Pressure to create, innovate, and scale has led to incredible changes in the way we live, which, up to this point, have largely been positive. That said, the competition among these technology companies resulted in some devastating consequences that cannot be repaired. Evolution tells us that only the fittest survive. It’s no wonder why companies, which are simply human collectives, display many of the same behaviors each employee does. In this post, I suggest that our human nature will ensure the human race is replaced by a superior being.

1. Evolutionary Tendencies

Human beings are the product of 4.5 billion years of evolution. We are the most intelligent organic species on the planet. Encoded in our DNA are survival instincts, like the need to reproduce, the need for shelter, and the need for security. Many men seek money as a means ensuring their own survival and that that of their bloodline. The California Elites (CEs) use their money to attract women, to buy fancy homes and unnecessary luxuries, and to purchase insurance policies against the risk of SHTF. When survival is no longer a worry, our natural instincts manifest as competitive spirits in need of applications. The application that will lead to our undoing is the realm of technological innovation.

2. The Economy

We’re in the longest bull market in history and, if you listen to the talking heads on the television, there’s no reason why it won’t continue on. Corporate tax cuts have left public companies flush with cash. In the tech sector, employees are watching their wallets grow fatter and large investments in artificial intelligence have led to feats like Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s AlphaGo. The problem is that corporate competition for artificial intelligence supremacy will lead to short-sighted decisions with irreparable long term impacts.

3. Lack of Accountability

Yes, Mark Zuckerberg was effectively forced to testify before Congress following the Cambridge Analytica fallout. However, I haven’t seen much happen since. Facebook promises to get better and invest more money in protecting against similar problems, but little beyond that has been done. I do not expect other companies to fear punishment stemming from stupid decisions they make with respect to artificial intelligence. The government has not held tech companies accountable for their mistakes in a meaningful way, so there is little reason for them to exercise better judgment going forward.

4. Tech Celebrity Worship

Elon Musk. Jeff Bezos. Steve Jobs. These tech celebrities have been the subjects of biographies, movies, TED talks, and discussions among the CE. With so many techies vying to be the next Mark Zuckerberg, little thought is given to the implications of a poorly written AI algorithm. The culture of tech celebrity worship breeds narcissistic developers obsessed with achieving fame and fortune. Focus is not placed on the benefits their products may have on the human race, nor is it placed on the consequences.

5. Risk Mis-Calculations

Humans exhibit risky behaviors all the time, though the impact is often limited to the individual taking the risk. We’ve witnessed during the Great Recession what happens when risks within a specific industry are poorly calculated. However, AI can exceed our own intelligence, which exposes us to consequences we cannot even imagine. You can argue that the consequences may be great–Alexa plays me music and Siri tells me what the weather will be like tomorrow. Who wouldn’t want more helpful products like these? What few techies know is that there will be a point where we no longer choose what the consequences will be, since we will no longer be the more intelligent species.

What Can Be Done?

I believe unchecked technology to be the most likely cause of The Event. You should take the necessary precautions to protect yourself. I wish I could prescribe the solution to the problem we’re seeing play out among the CEs, but it’s ingrained in who we are as humans. If you think you know what to do, please leave a comment or  contact me.

Tech will Lead to SHTF


Preparation for The Event

Preparation for The Event

Preparation is Necessary

The world has become more unstable than it ever has before. The Doomsday Clock is now two minutes to midnight due to the threats of nuclear war, artificial intelligence, and natural disasters. Governments are silencing their citizens. Technology companies continue to increase their power through data collection and the continued development of sophisticated algorithms. The most important aspect of preparation for The Event is knowing what you’re up against, so I’ve listed the potential causes of The Event below:

Uncontrollable Technology

The California Elites (CEs) love their technology. They say they want to save the world, but we know better. Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Amazon all have enough data on us to predict our actions, which, for now, just means they show us more relevant advertisements. That said, the CEs are playing with fire. Technology is improving rapidly and the CEs are too arrogant to realize that their creations will soon be smarter than them. You cannot defeat an enemy that knows your next move, which is why we’ll need to stay off the battlefield. Pack your bug-out bag, prepare your bunker, and plan your escape. We can’t trust the CEs, but we can anticipate their mistakes.

Nuclear War

Kim Jong-un has nuclear weapons and he is ready to use them. He’s an insane man who killed his brother and his uncle. While President Trump knows not to trust him, we need to look at his collaborators. North Korea, China, and Russia are all trading partners armed with nuclear weapons. They have increased tensions with our great nation and rule their countries without any accountability to their citizens. Such power leads to arrogance and incompetence, which makes these dictators no different than the CEs. These countries have made it clear that they intend to expand their borders (China with Taiwan and Russia with Crimea) and are not afraid to do so by force. I’ll be out of harm’s way before the deployment of the first nuclear weapon. It’s important that you are too.

(Un)Natural Disasters

Noah built an ark in preparation for forty days and forty nights of rain. I don’t claim to speak with God, but I do know that he punishes sinners. The CEs are experiencing droughts and the New York bankers will soon be underwater. Arrogance and greed will be replaced with heat waves and floods. Forest fires and torrential tornadoes seem to be on the news everyday. We can survive these threats with advance preparation. Survival capsules, bunkers, precious metals, and non-perishable foods are some of our key defenses against the above disasters. Preparation is everything. We’ll do everything we can to survive. Please contact me or leave a comment with any suggestions.

preparation for the event