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If you come across the following information, be cautious as she is likely a scammer: Website: cantareningles.net Email: vastinoemi.alvarez@gmail.com, jessicalderon.h1991@gmail.com Paypal: corporacionesanatalla@gmail.com, jessicalderon.h1991@gmail.com Name: Ana Talla, Vasti Alvarez, Vast AA Country: Peru or Bolivia There is a person named Vasti Alvarez from Peru who is selling a website cantareningles.net on Flippa. On April 29, 2024, … Read more

How to Build a Bunker on a Budget

how to build a bunker on a budget

Preparation is Everything In uncertain times, the idea of having a secure place to shelter can be comforting. While building a fully-fledged underground bunker can be an expensive endeavor, it’s still possible to create a practical and affordable survival shelter on a budget. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the steps, materials, and strategies detailing … Read more

Bug Out Bunkers Throughout History

Bug Out Bunkers

  Ancient Bug Out Bunkers Bunkers are defined as reinforced underground shelters, typically for use in wartime. Bunkers became especially popular during the Cold War, as the risk of nuclear attacks seemed very real. Large-scale bunkers, like the one constructed at Greenbrier, were built to protect government officials. That said, the construction of bunkers predates … Read more

What Bunker is Right for Me?

What bunker is right for me?

What are Bunkers? The word “bunker” originated in Germany. During WWII, bunker was a reference to military dugouts, but it has since been applied to shelters both under and above ground that serve as protection or storage spaces. Most importantly, bunkers can be used to shield us from a SHTF Event. There are various types … Read more