How Social Media is Destroying Society

how social media is destroying society

Our Nation Has Been Torn Apart Facebook, Twitter, and numerous other social media platforms have proven themselves capable of minting money. Both of the companies’ original CEO’s are worth over a billion dollars. While social media platforms have built money making machines using their users’ data, the machines have also torn our nation apart. Conspiracy … Read more

What Would a World Without Facebook Look Like?

world without facebook

Failing to Bring the World Closer Together A little over two years ago, Facebook updated its mission statement to, “Give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.” Since the update, though, Facebook has pushed the world further apart. The data they’ve collected on their users have been exploited to the … Read more

How to Avoid Being Manipulated Online

Avoid Being Manipulated

Online Companies Are Exploiting You These days, nearly everyone knows that Facebook is unethical. Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress and the FTC recently fined his company $5 billion. While this may be common knowledge, it still bears repeating what practices Facebook and similar companies are engaged in. This is especially true because Facebook remains incredibly … Read more

Technology Companies Will Become More Transparent Over Time

technology companies

Poor Prioritization Creates Riches The rapid rise of Silicon Valley technology companies inspired a new capitalist paradigm. Software no longer needed to be mature or devoid of bugs before ending up in the hands of consumers. With venture capital to burn and dreams of exponential returns, founding technology teams raced as fast as they could … Read more

3 Reasons Why Facebook is More Powerful than Governments

Facebook is More Powerful than Governments

Introduction Facebook’s stated mission is to, “give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.” For the month of September 2017, Facebook averaged 1.37 billion daily active users; nearly a fifth of the world’s population logs on each day. Facebook has unquestionably achieved its mission, as an enormous collective of users has united … Read more