Why the Second Wave of the Coronavirus Could be Worse Than the First

second wave

The Coronavirus Won’t Go Away for Good The coronavirus is dragging the world into a recession. Travel bans, celebrity infections, and declining stock prices are sending people into a state of panic. Efforts to contain the spread are stepping up, as more rapid tests are being developed and administered. The pharmaceutical industry is doing everything … Read more

How to Protect Ourselves from Biological Weapons

Biological Weapons

Biological Weapons Throughout History Biological weapons have been around for hundreds of years. One of the earliest known uses of biological weapons dates back to the 1300’s during the Mongol siege of Caffa. The Mongol army catapulted dead plague-infested bodies into the port of Caffa. This war tactic didn’t just frighten enemy troops; it infected … Read more

The Future of Warfare

future of warfare

A Renewed Arms Race The US recently withdrew from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear ForcesĀ (INF) treaty, which was an arms control agreement between the US and Russia (formerly the Soviet Union) that had been in place for over 30 years. Both the US and Soviet Union had abolished intermediate-range ballistic missiles, thereby ending the Cold War arms … Read more

What Bunker is Right for Me?

What bunker is right for me?

What are Bunkers? The word “bunker” originated in Germany. During WWII, bunker was a reference to military dugouts, but it has since been applied to shelters both under and above ground that serve as protection or storage spaces. Most importantly, bunkers can be used to shield us from a SHTF Event. There are various types … Read more