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Self-Reliance is Key to Prepping

At Bunker Basics, I emphasize the importance of self-reliance. The news cycle has been growing darker as numerous threats have emerged. This doesn’t mean we need to live our lives in fear. Instead, we need to grow less dependent on others. We need to become more self-reliant.

Self-reliance is about preparation. Preparation is an insurance policy against a SHTF event. Are you prepared?

To Prep Right, You Need to Get Risk Right

One of the biggest issues I see among government and business leaders is their failure to properly assess risk. If you don’t understand risk, you’re not going to effectively prep. I discuss how to go about prepping given the fact that our government and business leaders act incompetently. I discuss how to take matters into your own hands.

You don’t need to just take it from me. I conduct interviews with those in the prepping community as well. I’ve included the interview transcripts in my Bunker Blog. Do you have important prepping and survival advice you’d like to share? Would you like to be interviewed? Feel free to reach out.

If you want to get serious about prepping, take a look at the store. I continue to add gear and books that you might find helpful.

What the Coronavirus Pandemic Tells Us

The coronavirus pandemic is a SHTF event that could have been avoided. We failed to prepare for the obvious risks of the virus spreading outside of China. Our governments cannot coordinate an effective response. Our business leaders didn’t build funds to weather the storm. Because our leaders failed to protect us, we need to protect ourselves. Those who are dependent on others cannot survive the next SHTF event. We need to become self-reliant.

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