3 Dynamics that Will Force Changes in the Insurance Industry

changes in the insurance industry

When Risk Becomes too Great Hurricane Dorian recently ravaged the Bahamas, leaving tens of thousands homeless. The Category 5 hurricane was even worse than expected. Unfortunately, as climate change worsens, the number of devastating weather events like Dorian will rise. Homes and businesses in coastal areas will grow increasingly exposed to the possibility of ruin. … Read more

Four Areas to Watch As Big Tech and Government Work Together

big tech and government

Blurred Boundaries Between Big Tech and Government Amazon has been in the news lately due to its nearly finalized cloud contract with the government. Amazon Web Services, Amazon’s cloud hosting service, has been a huge revenue driver for the conglomerate. The Department of Defense favors Amazon Web Services over the competition to host its data … Read more

What Would a World Without Facebook Look Like?

world without facebook

Failing to Bring the World Closer Together A little over two years ago, Facebook updated its mission statement to, “Give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.” Since the update, though, Facebook has pushed the world further apart. The data they’ve collected on their users have been exploited to the … Read more

Technology Companies Will Become More Transparent Over Time

technology companies

Poor Prioritization Creates Riches The rapid rise of Silicon Valley technology companies inspired a new capitalist paradigm. Software no longer needed to be mature or devoid of bugs before ending up in the hands of consumers. With venture capital to burn and dreams of exponential returns, founding technology teams raced as fast as they could … Read more

How to Keep the US-China Cold War From Getting Hot

Cold War

The Battle for World Supremacy China’s rapid growth over the past few decades has positioned it as a global economic and technology leader. As the world’s second largest economic power, China has the capital to invest in its technology sector. These investments have proven to come at a cost to China’s homegrown companies. Huawei, a … Read more

How to Survive Fake News

Survive Fake News

  What’s Real Anymore? Ninety percent of the world’s data was generated in the last two years. That’s an insane fact! Internet searches, news publications, text messages, phone calls, social media posts, and millions of other types of content are produced every single second. With all of this content out in the world, competition for … Read more

The Future of Warfare

future of warfare

A Renewed Arms Race The US recently withdrew from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear ForcesĀ (INF) treaty, which was an arms control agreement between the US and Russia (formerly the Soviet Union) that had been in place for over 30 years. Both the US and Soviet Union had abolished intermediate-range ballistic missiles, thereby ending the Cold War arms … Read more

The Cost of Efficiency

Cost of Efficiency

Automated Out of Existence U.S. companies have become far more efficient in the way they operate their businesses. Investments in automation have borne fruit. The S&P 500 hit an all time high this year as the longest bull market in history continues. Products and services are becoming cheaper and it’s easier for consumers to make … Read more