Why Disaster Preparedness is So Important

Disaster Preparedness

Governments Need to Wake Up If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the coronavirus, it’s that governments around the world are unprepared for disaster. China’s initial response to the coronavirus was to suppress news of the infection, which ultimately enabled its spread. The coronavirus has now infected people across the globe and is killing US … Read more

New Year Fear: What to Prep for in 2020

New Year Fear

2020 is Here Can 2020 possibly be more eventful than 2019? 2019 had international protests, impeachment proceedings, and natural disasters, to name a few. That said, 2020 is already off to a crazy start. If the upcoming US election wasn’t enough to clutter the news, then the assassination of an Iranian terrorist certainly did the … Read more

What are the Chances of an Asteroid Strike and Can One be Avoided?

asteroid strike

Close Call Less than a month ago, a “city killer” asteroid whizzed by Earth, shocking scientists. The asteroid, known as Asteroid 2019 OK, wasn’t tracked by scientists until just days before it passed by within 45,000 miles of the Earth. In the great expanse of space, 45,000 miles is a very close call, especially with … Read more

How to Introduce Emergency Preparedness to Your Family

emergency preparedness

Emergency Preparedness: The Most Important Family Conversation One of the most important conversations that your family should have is about emergency preparedness. It is necessary to arm the entire family with knowledge of what they can do in the event of a disaster or situation that requires them to defend themselves. By sitting down at … Read more

Survival Medicine Experts Interview: Joe and Amy Alton of Doom and Bloom

survival medicine

Introducing Survival Medicine Experts, Joe and Amy Alton Joe and Amy Alton run Doom and Bloom, the leading survival medicine website. The website has since evolved into a full fledged brand, as Joe and Amy now have a podcast, YouTube channel, and line of medical kits. Joe and Amy aren’t just savvy marketers. They are both … Read more

How to Protect Ourselves from Biological Weapons

Biological Weapons

Biological Weapons Throughout History Biological weapons have been around for hundreds of years. One of the earliest known uses of biological weapons dates back to the 1300’s during the Mongol siege of Caffa. The Mongol army catapulted dead plague-infested bodies into the port of Caffa. This war tactic didn’t just frighten enemy troops; it infected … Read more