EMP Shield: Why Every Prepper Should Have One

An EMP is a Knockout Punch

Few people realize that entire continents can be shut offline without a single gunshot being fired. The population likely wouldn’t EMP shieldsee a single explosion. Nobody would lose their lives as a result of the initial shutdown. There’s a chance that people wouldn’t even realize the electrical grid went down until they tried to operate their cell phones. How could this be? An electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, is the result of a nuclear warhead exploding high above the Earth’s surface. The burst of energy created by the explosion reacts with the Earth’s magnetic field, ultimately rendering all electronics useless. You know what’s scary? Nuclear warheads are more accessible than ever before. The EMP threat is becoming more likely. In this post, I discuss why an EMP may be deployed and the damage it would cause. I also offer tips on how we can use an EMP shield to protect our essentials.

Government Tensions

emp shieldGovernment tensions between the US and China continue to escalate. Prior to the pandemic, the US and China were engaged in a cold war. China is aggressively attempting to demonstrate that its authoritarian form of government is superior to democracy. To that end, they are working to compromise the success of democracies across the world. Likewise, Russia is actively trying to rig the 2020 US election. Could they repeat the success they had in 2016? The battles between the world leader and its competitors are growing fiercer. If things get bad, we can expect to see the use of some drastic measures. Pay attention to the relationships between the US, China, and Russia. Staying current will help you assess the risk of an EMP. If you see the risk increasing, it’s best to pull out your EMP shield.

Terrorist Groups

Today, terrorist groups are a larger threat than they’ve ever been before. I don’t need to remind you of the events that took place emp shieldon September 11, 2001 to convey the extent of the impact a terrorist group can have. More recently, the US added the Russian Imperial Movement, a group of white supremacists, to the list of foreign terrorist organizations. Terrorist groups like the Russian Imperial Movement can now operate on a global scale due to advances in communications technology. If they were to partner with the Russian government, I’d grow even more worried. It’s not crazy to consider in the future, small terrorist groups can get their hands on nuclear weapons.

The US and Russia are now developing more nuclear weapons after breaking their Cold War era treaty. When decades-long pacts are dissolved, warning signs begin to flash in my mind. With the EMP threat becoming more real, let’s discuss how we can use an EMP shield for protection.

What is an EMP Shield?

An EMP shield is an enclosed used to block electromagnetic pulses. They’re sometimes known as Farraday cages. Michael Farraday created EMP shields back in the early 1800’s after proving that conductor’s excess charges only reside on their exteriors, not their interiors. Put another way, if you have a hollow conductor like a backpack made of flexible metallic fabric, you can protect your electronics from an external magnetic field.

Farraday duffel bags, pouches, and phone cases all can act as an EMP shield as well. If an EMP hits, you’re going to want to protect your belongings ahead of time. Preparation is insurance against disaster. An EMP is unquestionably a disaster, so make the early investments.

What Would an EMP do to Society?

We know an EMP would knock electronics offline, but what kind of impact would that really have? Well, our vehicles, phones, homes, businesses, and stock exchanges all need electricity to run. Our economy would crumble under a sustained shutdown of the electrical grid. Without the modern comforts we enjoy today, many people would not survive. Building security would malfunction, resulting in widespread looting. After a few days, store shelves would be empty. After a few weeks, our institutions would begin to crumble. In just a few months time, a new world order would emerge. Where would you fit in?

To survive a world affected by an EMP, I suggest you prepare now. If you haven’t read One Second After by William Forstchen, I highly recommend you do so. He writes about the aftermath of an EMP strike in a 3 part series. The series offers a goldmine of information and has some great characters too. I have each of the books in the Bunker Basics Store.

Do you want to share any additional benefits of an EMP shield? Leave a comment below or contact me directly.

EMP shield

4 thoughts on “EMP Shield: Why Every Prepper Should Have One”

  1. We’re thinking of buying one household unit, one to protect our 4500w portable generator, one to protect our Kohler 22kw home generator and (possibly) 3 auto units for our 2017 F150, 2015 Mustang GT, and our 2015 Tahoe. What specific units should we be looking at.

    I am also assuming we will not have to build Faraday cages around the main and portable generator units. Please advise…John C

  2. Bought the home model and iy was delivered fast and installed in 15 minutes. May have to get one for cable and cat5 input. Power input covered

    • Bought a second one for wife’s car. Have not recieved yet, Usps reused an old tracking number and it said it was delivered to Wash state before i bought. it. Call customer service, they helped resolve the issue. Impressed with their customer service. No waite times and very friendly and helpful.

  3. I don’t see an answer to John Caudell’’s question. How do I know this is real? We have surge protectors around our home. One of our surge protectors didn’t protect our home phone and printer when our home was hit by lightning. The following year, our home was hit again, which shocked us. We thought that lightning only hits once. Well, it hit twice in the same area of our home. Our new surge protector didn’t protect our television. So, how do we know this will protect our home, cell phones, and/or vehicles?


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