#2: Supervolcano Eruption – Unlikely SHTF Events

supervolcano eruption

Yellowstone Supervolcano Eruption: Fantasy or Legitimate Doomsday Scenario? A little over a decade ago, I heard Yellowstone National Park is home to a supervolcano that is overdue for an eruption. Supervolcano? Overdue? What makes a volcano “super” and what is the impact of a supervolcano eruption? A supervolcano can spew over 1,000 cubic kilometers of … Read more

#1: Alien Invasion – Unlikely SHTF Events

alien invasion

Are We Alone? News articles suggesting the existence of UFO’s have been circulating lately. Stories about Air Force pilots encountering unexplainable objects during training flights are going viral. Former Senator Harry Reid admitted to the existence of a US government sponsored program responsible for investigating UFO sightings. In all likelihood, these sightings have mundane explanations. … Read more

Superbugs Are Emerging as the Next Big Threat


The Latest Superbug: Candida auris Candida auris is a fungus spreading across the United States. This “superbug” is drug-resistant, making it incredibly difficult to treat with common anti-fungal medications. Candida auris typically only afflicts those with compromised immune systems, so most of us don’t need to worry. That said, Candida auris is just the latest … Read more

Why the Next Generation is More Vulnerable to SHTF Events


Unprepared and Vulnerable What a time to be alive. Never before in history have our needs and desires been satisfied with such ease. We can hail taxis with a few clicks of our phones and purchase products without leaving our beds. These modern luxuries, though, have made many of their beneficiaries unprepared for disastrous events. … Read more

Russia’s Doomsday Machine: What You Need to Know

Russia Doomsday Machine

Tensions Escalate Russia has been in the news a lot lately. The fallout from Russia’s manipulation of the 2016 presidential election has yet to reach its conclusion. While the presidential administration’s policy towards Russia appears forgiving, members of Congress are in favor of passing sanctions on Russia. The sanctions could severely hurt Russia’s economy, as … Read more

How to Rebuild After SHTF

SHTF Ancient Ruins

Life After the SHTF Event It happened. Sh*t finally did hit the fan. Now what? Most of the posts on Bunker Basics are related to preparation for a SHTF event. I’ve highlighted how we could anticipate threats to our security and what we need to do to insure against them. That said, I haven’t yet … Read more

Adapting to a Warming World

Adapting to a Warming World

Worse than Expected Recent headlines revealed that the impacts of climate change are even worse than initially expected. It comes as no surprise to me that researchers’ climate change models were wrong. Anticipating weather events is difficult enough, but attempting to predict the speed, scale, and effects of such a dynamic and complex phenomenon as … Read more