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If you come across the following information, be cautious as she is likely a scammer: Website: cantareningles.net Email: vastinoemi.alvarez@gmail.com, jessicalderon.h1991@gmail.com Paypal: corporacionesanatalla@gmail.com, jessicalderon.h1991@gmail.com Name: Ana Talla, Vasti Alvarez, Vast AA Country: Peru or Bolivia There is a person named Vasti Alvarez from Peru who is selling a website cantareningles.net on Flippa. On April 29, 2024, … Read more

Survivalist Supplements: Enhancing Preparedness When SHTF

survialist supplements

Stockpiling Should Include Supplements In the world of survivalism, being prepared for the worst-case scenario is a way of life. Whether you’re bracing for natural disasters, economic collapse, or any other SHTF event, ensuring your livelihood and well-being is paramount. While a well-stocked pantry, clean water, and survival skills are essential, supplements can also play … Read more

Anarchy Survival: Navigating the Chaos

anarchy survival

Societal Breakdown In a world often governed by rules and regulations, the idea of anarchy can be terrifying. Anarchy, at its core, suggests a lack of centralized authority, where individuals are free from both oppressive systems and critical institutions. While anarchy may seem chaotic and unpredictable, survival within such an environment requires a unique set … Read more

SHTF Home Protection

shtf home protection

Protect Yourself and Your Family One of the most important aspects of preparing for an SHTF event is ensuring that you and your family are able to protect yourselves and your property from potential threats. If a SHTF event comes to pass, there will be an increase in crime and violence. There will likewise be … Read more

How to Become a Survivalist

how to become a surivalist

Preparing for an Uncertain World The world is a dynamic place, and as such, it is always prone to threats and challenges that can affect human existence. Survivalists are people who are always prepared for any challenge, from natural disasters to political upheavals, and their goal is to ensure they can weather any storm that … Read more

What to Do in a State of Emergency

state of emergency

When Situations Devolve into Anarchy Imagine this! You’ve been watching on the news politicians that go at one another’s throats, exchanging barbs and trading insults day-in and day-out. Things deteriorate, and before you know it, somebody gets shot at and killed. The country is fired up and society begins to deteriorate. The president and congressional … Read more

Skilled Survival: Interview with Engineer and Survival Expert “Just in Case” Jack

skilled survival

Introducing “Just in Case” Jack of Skilled Survival Jack runs Skilled Survival, a survival and prepping website he created to share his knowledge with the prepper community. A trained engineering manager, Jack has honed his leadership and technical skills over the years. Jack is an outdoorsman who has developed a survival skillset while backpacking in … Read more

Kyt Lyn Walken: Interview with a Survival and Tracking Expert

kyt lyn walken

Introducing Kyt Lyn Walken Kyt Lyn Walken is a survival and tracking expert. She is an official representative and instructor at Hull’s Tracking School, a school that teaches law enforcement and military personnel visual tracking skills. Additionally, Kyt is a conservation ranger certified by the Conservation Rangers Operations Worldwide (C.R.O.W.) While based in Europe, Kyt … Read more

The Prepper Journal: Interview with Army Veteran and Prepping Expert

the prepper journal

Introducing Pat Henry of The Prepper Journal Pat Henry is the editor and creator of The Prepper Journal, a website he created in 2013. Since 2013, The Prepper Journal has become a go-to resource for anyone interested in prepping and survival. Pat has been prepping since 2007, long before prepping hit the mainstream. He’s an … Read more