How China Will Benefit from the Coronavirus Crisis

china will benefit from the coronavirus

The Worst is Behind China In November of 2019, doctors in Wuhan, a city in China, began treating patients presenting with flu-like symptoms. As some patients developed respiratory issues, doctors began to suspect the spread of a coronavirus like SARS. The Chinese government initially made efforts to suppress these suspicions. They feared that raising alarm … Read more

5 Products You Can Buy to Protect Yourself From COVID-19

Protect Yourself From COVID-19

Don’t Panic. Prepare. The COVID-19 pandemic has created widespread panic. Scared citizens flooded supermarkets and bought up as many items as their carts could hold. What differentiates those who are prepared from those who are panicking is education. Preppers know what products to buy and why they should buy them. They’re learning how people become … Read more

Why the Second Wave of the Coronavirus Could be Worse Than the First

second wave

The Coronavirus Won’t Go Away for Good The coronavirus is dragging the world into a recession. Travel bans, celebrity infections, and declining stock prices are sending people into a state of panic. Efforts to contain the spread are stepping up, as more rapid tests are being developed and administered. The pharmaceutical industry is doing everything … Read more

Why Disaster Preparedness is So Important

Disaster Preparedness

Governments Need to Wake Up If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the coronavirus, it’s that governments around the world are unprepared for disaster. China’s initial response to the coronavirus was to suppress news of the infection, which ultimately enabled its spread. The coronavirus has now infected people across the globe and is killing US … Read more

Virus Survival: How to Prepare for the Next Outbreak

Virus Survival

Prepare for Pandemics The coronavirus is just the latest virus that has spread across the globe. Flu strains, SARS, and other viral outbreaks spread fear at quicker rates than the diseases themselves. By properly preparing for a pandemic, we can better ensure we avoid getting sick. What does preparation require? First, it’s important that we … Read more