EMP Shield: Why Every Prepper Should Have One

emp shield

An EMP is a Knockout Punch Few people realize that entire continents can be shut offline without a single gunshot being fired. The population likely wouldn’t see a single explosion. Nobody would lose their lives as a result of the initial shutdown. There’s a chance that people wouldn’t even realize the electrical grid went down … Read more

One Year After Book Review

One Year After

Adapting to Life after “The Day” William Forstchen continues his story about the people of Black Mountain after an EMP strike in One Year After. Readers learn that over 80% of Americans have died in the year following the EMP strike. Over half of the population of Japan, Eastern Europe, western Russia, and the Ukraine have … Read more

One Second After Book Review

One Second After

When Life as You Know It Ends William Forstchen’s One Second After follows the life of John Matherson after an EMP strike rids Black Mountain, North Carolina of electricity. Matherson, a former Army Colonel and well respected college professor, recognizes the extent of the crisis early. Having learned about them during wartime, he informs the town’s leaders … Read more