SHTF Home Protection

shtf home protection

Protect Yourself and Your Family One of the most important aspects of preparing for an SHTF event is ensuring that you and your family are able to protect yourselves and your property from potential threats. If a SHTF event comes to pass, there will be an increase in crime and violence. There will likewise be … Read more

How to Become a Survivalist

how to become a surivalist

Preparing for an Uncertain World The world is a dynamic place, and as such, it is always prone to threats and challenges that can affect human existence. Survivalists are people who are always prepared for any challenge, from natural disasters to political upheavals, and their goal is to ensure they can weather any storm that … Read more

Where to Go When SHTF

where to go when shtf

Disaster Struck. Now What? When disaster strikes and you’re forced to evacuate your home, knowing where to go can be a matter of life and death. In times of crisis, it’s important to have a plan in place and to know the best places to go for safety, shelter, and supplies. In this post, we’ll … Read more

What to Do in a State of Emergency

state of emergency

When Situations Devolve into Anarchy Imagine this! You’ve been watching on the news politicians that go at one another’s throats, exchanging barbs and trading insults day-in and day-out. Things deteriorate, and before you know it, somebody gets shot at and killed. The country is fired up and society begins to deteriorate. The president and congressional … Read more

Emergency Tips Every Prepper Should Follow

emergency tips

Are You Prepared for an Emergency? Everyone knows emergencies happen. Natural disasters, terrorist attacks, pandemics, and freak accidents can all occur with little warning. While you may acknowledge the possibility of an emergency, have you prepared for one? Do you have an escape plan? Are you aware of the essential emergency supplies every prepper needs? … Read more

How Social Media is Destroying Society

how social media is destroying society

Our Nation Has Been Torn Apart Facebook, Twitter, and numerous other social media platforms have proven themselves capable of minting money. Both of the companies’ original CEO’s are worth over a billion dollars. While social media platforms have built money making machines using their users’ data, the machines have also torn our nation apart. Conspiracy … Read more

Enjoy the Decline Book Review

enjoy the decline

The Decline is Accelerating Aaron Clarey of Captain Capitalism fame published Enjoy the Decline back in 2013. Clarey, a self-described “motorcycling, fossil-hunting, tornado chasing, book-writing, ballroom dancing economist,” made his strong grip on economics clear throughout the 204 pages of Enjoy the Decline. One of Clarey’s primary concerns back in 2013 was the government deficit. Having … Read more