Where to Go When SHTF

Disaster Struck. Now What?

When disaster strikes and you’re forced to evacuate your home, knowing where to go can be a matter of life and death. In times of crisis, it’s important to have a plan in place and to know the best places to go for safety, shelter, and supplies. In this post, we’ll go over some of the best options for where to go when SHTF.

1. Evacuation Shelters

One of the first places that should come to mind when considering where to go when SHTF is an evacuation shelter. Evacuation shelters are often set up by local authorities in public buildings, such as schools, community centers, and churches. Evacuation shelters offer a safe and secure place to stay, along with access to food, water, and medical care.

It’s important to note that evacuation shelters can quickly become crowded and chaotic, so it’s essential to have a plan in place and to act quickly. Keep a bug-out bag packed and ready to go at all times, and have a plan for how you’ll get to the shelter.where to go when SHTF

2. Hotels and Motels

If you’re unable to find a spot in an evacuation shelter, hotels and motels can be a good option. While they may be more expensive than other options, they offer a level of comfort and privacy that other options may not. Many hotels and motels are also equipped with backup generators and other emergency supplies, making them a safe and secure place to stay during a disaster.

If you’re planning to stay in a hotel or motel during a disaster, be sure to book your room early and have a backup plan in case they’re fully booked. Keep in mind that during a disaster, hotels and motels may raise their prices, so it’s important to budget accordingly.

3. Friends and Family

Another option for where to go when SHTF is to stay with friends or family. If you have relatives or friends who live in a safe area, consider reaching out to them for help. Staying with friends or family offers a level of comfort and familiarity that can be reassuring during a crisis.

It’s important to be respectful of your host’s resources and to contribute what you can. Bring your own food, water, and supplies, and help out with chores and other tasks. Remember that your host may also be dealing with the aftermath of the disaster, so be prepared to pitch in and help where you can.

4. Campgrounds and Parks

If you’re looking for a more outdoor-oriented option, consider heading to a campground or park. Many campgrounds have RV sites, cabins, and other accommodations that can provide a safe and comfortable place to stay during a disaster. Additionally, many parks have natural resources, such as rivers and lakes, that can provide a source of food and water.

When choosing a campground or park, be sure to research the area ahead of time and choose a location that’s far enough away from the disaster zone to be safe. Additionally, make sure that the park is equipped with emergency supplies and has a plan in place for handling emergencies.

5. Bunkers and Safe Rooms

If you’re lookingwhere to go when SHTF for the ultimate in safety and security, consider investing in a bunker or safe room. These structures are designed to withstand disasters of all kinds, including natural disasters and even nuclear attacks. Bunkers and safe rooms offer a level of protection that other options simply can’t match.

While bunkers and safe rooms can be expensive, they’re a worthwhile investment for those who want the ultimate in safety and security. Be sure to choose a location that’s far enough away from potential disaster zones, and have a plan in place for stocking the bunker with essential supplies.

Always Plan Where to go when SHTF Ahead of Disaster!

In conclusion, having a solid plan in place for where to go when SHTF is crucial for survival. It’s important to consider all options, from evacuation shelters to bunkers, and to have a backup plan in case your first choice is unavailable. Remember to stay calm, act quickly, and prioritize safety above all else. With the right preparation and planning, you can increase your chances of surviving a disaster and coming out the other side stronger than ever. Stay safe and be prepared.

where to go when shtfwhere to go when shtf

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