Why the Fall of the Dollar and the Rise of Bitcoin is a Foregone Conclusion

fall of the dollar

The United States has Encountered a Force it Cannot Stop Today, the United States has the privilege of issuing the global reserve currency. All around the world, countries save and transact with US dollars due to the Bretton Woods Agreement and the petrodollar system. The petrodollar system, which spawned from an oil deal between the … Read more

Why a Prepper Education Should be Part of the School Curriculum

prepper education

The US is Failing at Reading, Writing, and ‘Rithmetic I think it’s clear to most of the world that the US education system has failed. The US education system doesn’t crack the top 20 in either math or science when ranked against the education systems of 70 other countries. Unfortunately, the US’s problems extend passed … Read more

Self-Sufficient Living: How Preppers Can Learn to Become Independent

self-sufficient living

Do Not Rely Solely on the Government for Help In times of crisis, financial and medical relief can be difficult to come by. Depending on the type of crisis, national governments may not have all the resources they need to ease the population’s struggle. During the the US’s fight against the coronavirus, state governments are … Read more

EMP Shield: Why Every Prepper Should Have One

emp shield

An EMP is a Knockout Punch Few people realize that entire continents can be shut offline without a single gunshot being fired. The population likely wouldn’t see a single explosion. Nobody would lose their lives as a result of the initial shutdown. There’s a chance that people wouldn’t even realize the electrical grid went down … Read more

What We Should Learn About Risk Following the Pandemic

learn about risk

Governments and Corporations Were Unprepared Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the S&P 500 was hovering around all time highs. The US government had cut corporate tax rates during a decade long bull market. The federal reserve kept interest rates low, which encouraged continued debt-fueled spending. Publicly traded companies repurchased their shares on the open market, … Read more

How China Will Benefit from the Coronavirus Crisis

china will benefit from the coronavirus

The Worst is Behind China In November of 2019, doctors in Wuhan, a city in China, began treating patients presenting with flu-like symptoms. As some patients developed respiratory issues, doctors began to suspect the spread of a coronavirus like SARS. The Chinese government initially made efforts to suppress these suspicions. They feared that raising alarm … Read more

Why Disaster Preparedness is So Important

Disaster Preparedness

Governments Need to Wake Up If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the coronavirus, it’s that governments around the world are unprepared for disaster. China’s initial response to the coronavirus was to suppress news of the infection, which ultimately enabled its spread. The coronavirus has now infected people across the globe and is killing US … Read more