Why the Fall of the Dollar and the Rise of Bitcoin is a Foregone Conclusion

fall of the dollar

The United States has Encountered a Force it Cannot Stop Today, the United States has the privilege of issuing the global reserve currency. All around the world, countries save and transact with US dollars due to the Bretton Woods Agreement and the petrodollar system. The petrodollar system, which spawned from an oil deal between the … Read more

Interview with Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse Blog

the economic collapse blog

Introducing Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse Blog Michael Snyder is a very busy man. He runs The Economic Collapse Blog, End Of The American Dream, and The Most Important News, three heavily trafficked websites. He’s the author of five books and frequently appears on radio and television. Michael is concerned about the direction our … Read more

What We Should Learn About Risk Following the Pandemic

learn about risk

Governments and Corporations Were Unprepared Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the S&P 500 was hovering around all time highs. The US government had cut corporate tax rates during a decade long bull market. The federal reserve kept interest rates low, which encouraged continued debt-fueled spending. Publicly traded companies repurchased their shares on the open market, … Read more

10 Best Part Time Side Hustles for Preppers

part time side hustle

One of the Most Important Preps is Financial Preparedness Prepping isn’t simply about buying supplies for a bug out bag. It’s a philosophical way of life. One of the most important components of the prepper philosophy is financial preparedness. Preppers should learn to be frugal, so they can save up for a rainy day. More … Read more

3 Best Recession Proof Industries for the Morally Bankrupt

best recession proof industries

This Isn’t Your Typical List The economy is beginning to show signs of a nearing recession. The yield curve has again become inverted. The trade war between the US and China continues on. And Europe is a mess. There are plenty of potential catalysts that could make the shaky market completely quake. Many people sense … Read more

Why the Latest Private Equity Fundraising Record Should Scare Us

fundraising record

Blackstone Sets a New Fundraising Record Blackstone, the biggest private equity firm in the world, will soon have the biggest fund in the world. Its latest flagship fund has already surpassed $22 billion, which puts it on target to exceed Apollo’s record $24.7 billion fund. SoftBank proved that investors have a venture capital appetite strong … Read more

China and Russia Buy Gold as US Keeps Gold Prices Artificially Low

gold prices

China and Russia Stockpile Gold While Gold Prices Are Artificially Low China is aggressively buying gold in an effort to build its reserves. While it has not been selling off its US dollar holdings, there’s evidence to suggest China wants gold to upend the US dollar as the global reserve currency of choice. The US … Read more