Raising Animals for Food: Why Everyone Should Develop this Skill

raising animals for food

Building Resilience to Food Shortages Raising animals for food is a great way to provide your family with healthy, nutritious meat. Every prepper should have this skill, as you never know when access to mass-produced foods may be comprised. That said, raising animals for food is not without its challenges. It requires a lot of … Read more

How to Be Self Sufficient

how to be self sufficient

Relying on No One but Yourself Self-sufficiency is the ability to provide for one’s own needs without relying on outside sources. In today’s world, where we are so dependent on technology and convenience, it can be challenging to imagine being truly self-sufficient. However, it is possible to achieve a certain level of self-sufficiency in various … Read more

Prepper Self Defense: 3 Tips to Stay Safe in Dangerous Situations

prepper self defense

Prepare to Respond Well to Uncertainty Life is more uncertain today than ever before. Dangers are lurking around everywhere. You can never be too prepared to face what life throws at you as you step out of your home. Dangers can include neighborhood criminals, riots, shootings, and other violent incidents. It makes sense to become … Read more

Self-Sufficient Living: How Preppers Can Learn to Become Independent

self-sufficient living

Do Not Rely Solely on the Government for Help In times of crisis, financial and medical relief can be difficult to come by. Depending on the type of crisis, national governments may not have all the resources they need to ease the population’s struggle. During the the US’s fight against the coronavirus, state governments are … Read more

Apartment Prepper Bernie Carr Interview

Apartment Prepper

Introducing Apartment Prepper Bernie Carr: Apartment Prepper Bernie Carr started her website, ApartmentPrepper.com, in response to Hurricane Ike. The category 4 hurricane wreaked havoc on her home state of Texas as well as various islands south of Florida. That said, Bernie developed the resolve necessary to educate herself and her readers about prepping. Since the … Read more

Why Self-Reliance Is More Important Than Ever


Self-Reliance vs. Government Reliance The world has arguably become more polarized than ever before over the direction of governments. While a healthy debate is welcome, ideology is winning out over over sobriety. As a result of this unbending ideology, government leaders have made some catastrophic decisions. I’ve listed just a few current events that have … Read more

Survival Sherpa Todd Walker Interview

survival sherpa

Introducing Survival Sherpa, Todd Walker Todd Walker runs Survival Sherpa, an educational website that underscores the importance of self-reliance and preparedness. He’s been actively contributing content since 2012 and has amassed tens of thousands of followers. Todd was kind enough to share with me the details about how he got started, his Doing the Stuff … Read more

How to Get Stuff Done When No One Else Will

How to Get Stuff Done

Pragmatism as the Antidote to Unbending Idealism The United States is the most divided it’s been in over a century. Political squabbles across party lines are normal, though we’re witnessing increasing polarization within political parties. The democratic party has yet to find its voice, as the moderates begin to separate themselves from the progressives. Within … Read more

Brexit Box: Case in Point of Government Incompetence

Brexit Box

  Brexit Box Brexit discussions have continued to drag on without a firm deal in place. In February, Theresa May’s proposed strategy to withdraw Britain from the European Union suffered a brutal defeat at the hands of Parliament. On March 29th, Britain is scheduled to leave the EU. Doing so without a deal in place … Read more