How China Will Benefit from the Coronavirus Crisis

china will benefit from the coronavirus

The Worst is Behind China In November of 2019, doctors in Wuhan, a city in China, began treating patients presenting with flu-like symptoms. As some patients developed respiratory issues, doctors began to suspect the spread of a coronavirus like SARS. The Chinese government initially made efforts to suppress these suspicions. They feared that raising alarm … Read more

Why Autocratic Government is the Government Model of the Future

autocratic government

A Shift Away From Democracy Democracy has proven to be a successful government model up until this point. Lifespans have extended. Standards of living have improved. Advancement up the societal latter is now achievable through hard work. However, we are seeing the democratic foundations that propelled us into an age of prosperity begin to crumble. … Read more

3 Things that are Happening as Hong Kong Protests Chinese Autocracy

chinese autocracy

What are the Hong Kong Protests About? Hong Kong has had a chaotic past few months. Millions of Hong Kong citizens have taken to the streets in protest of the Beijing government. Some of these protests turned violent, as police applied force against demonstrators. To better understand the potential consequences of the Hong Kong protests, … Read more

How to Keep the US-China Cold War From Getting Hot

Cold War

The Battle for World Supremacy China’s rapid growth over the past few decades has positioned it as a global economic and technology leader. As the world’s second largest economic power, China has the capital to invest in its technology sector. These investments have proven to come at a cost to China’s homegrown companies. Huawei, a … Read more

The Rise of China and Fall of Democracy

Fall of Democracy

The Latest Attack Bloomberg Businessweek just published a stunning story detailing the Chinese state-sponsored espionage committed against nearly 30 U.S. companies. In short, the People’s Liberation Army compromised┬áthe supply chain of Supermicro, a company that is effectively the “Microsoft” of hardware. Supermicro designs and distributes high performance servers to its list of global clients, which … Read more