TruePrepper Founder Rusty: Interview with an Army Veteran and Engineer


Introducing Rusty of TruePrepper Rusty founded TruePrepper, a top prepping and survival website, in 2016. Like the website he manages, Rusty emphasizes the importance of risk analysis. As an Air Force veteran and engineer, Rusty is an expert when it comes to identifying and mitigating risks of manmade and natural disasters. Rusty and I discussed … Read more

Why Military Field Manuals Are So Important

field manuals

An Underrated Genre I often find that people have one very important book genre missing from their personal libraries.¬†Sure, they have some of the classics, a few self-improvement books, and maybe a couple of history books, but U.S. Military field manuals are notably absent. The U.S. Military is great at a lot of things.¬†They train, … Read more

Four Areas to Watch As Big Tech and Government Work Together

big tech and government

Blurred Boundaries Between Big Tech and Government Amazon has been in the news lately due to its nearly finalized cloud contract with the government. Amazon Web Services, Amazon’s cloud hosting service, has been a huge revenue driver for the conglomerate. The Department of Defense favors Amazon Web Services over the competition to host its data … Read more