Technology Companies Will Become More Transparent Over Time

technology companies

Poor Prioritization Creates Riches The rapid rise of Silicon Valley technology companies inspired a new capitalist paradigm. Software no longer needed to be mature or devoid of bugs before ending up in the hands of consumers. With venture capital to burn and dreams of exponential returns, founding technology teams raced as fast as they could … Read more

Winners Take All Book Review

Winners Take All Book Review

A Growing Divide Anand Giridharadas, a former foreign correspondent for The New York Times, draws attention to the hypocrisy practiced among the “philanthropic” elites in his¬†Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World. I’ll share my thoughts on his take in this Winners Take All book review. Giridharadas introduces us to “MarketWorld,” the … Read more

5 of the Most Impractical Prepper Products

Prepper Products

The Perversion of Prepping: Impractical Prepper Products It’s no surprise that more people are prepping for SHTF Events these days. High profile assassinations have been carried out by de facto authoritarian regimes, geopolitical relations continue to dissolve, and looming threats like the reckless development of technology could spell the end to humanity’s claim to being … Read more