What to Do in a State of Emergency

state of emergency

When Situations Devolve into Anarchy Imagine this! You’ve been watching on the news politicians that go at one another’s throats, exchanging barbs and trading insults day-in and day-out. Things deteriorate, and before you know it, somebody gets shot at and killed. The country is fired up and society begins to deteriorate. The president and congressional … Read more

How to Buy the Best Pocket Knife

buy the best pocket knife

What Type of Knife is Right for You? Knives are as unique as people, and a knife that suits one person may not suit another person. There are multiple factors that characterize a pocket knife. Design, price, balance, size, weight distribution, and intended use are just a few. Some knives are now historical artifacts and … Read more

Why Military Field Manuals Are So Important

field manuals

An Underrated Genre I often find that people have one very important book genre missing from their personal libraries. Sure, they have some of the classics, a few self-improvement books, and maybe a couple of history books, but U.S. Military field manuals are notably absent. The U.S. Military is great at a lot of things. They train, … Read more

Four Survival Skills Preppers Need

survival skills preppers need

Everyone Should Learn to Prepare Before It’s Too Late I wish preparedness was something that came naturally to everyone. Unfortunately, many people are unprepared to survive an emergency situation. In this article, I’m going to talk about the basics. I outline four survival skills preppers need to survive an emergency. 1. How to Handle Home … Read more

Virus Survival: How to Prepare for the Next Outbreak

Virus Survival

Prepare for Pandemics The coronavirus is just the latest virus that has spread across the globe. Flu strains, SARS, and other viral outbreaks spread fear at quicker rates than the diseases themselves. By properly preparing for a pandemic, we can better ensure we avoid getting sick. What does preparation require? First, it’s important that we … Read more

Paleo Principles: Increase Your Chances of Survival


What are Paleo Principles? The paleolithic (paleo) diet is derived from the diet cavemen were limited to during the Paleolithic era. Cavemen didn’t have it easy. Hunting for food could be dangerous and avoiding becoming a predator’s food was even more challenging. Cavemen had to contend with attacks from leopards, wolves, tigers, and other beasts sharing … Read more