Four Survival Skills Preppers Need

survival skills preppers need

Everyone Should Learn to Prepare Before It’s Too Late I wish preparedness was something that came naturally to everyone. Unfortunately, many people are unprepared to survive an emergency situation. In this article, I’m going to talk about the basics. I outline four survival skills preppers need to survive an emergency. 1. How to Handle Home … Read more

How to Prepare for the Next Depression

how to prepare for the next depression

The Coronavirus May Cause the Next Depression The global economy is suffering significantly from the coronavirus outbreak. Businesses have closed their doors either temporarily or permanently. Governments are putting together stimulus packages and central banks are providing liquidity to the financial system. While you may remember seeing similar market effects and response measures taken during … Read more

China and Russia Buy Gold as US Keeps Gold Prices Artificially Low

gold prices

China and Russia Stockpile Gold While Gold Prices Are Artificially Low China is aggressively buying gold in an effort to build its reserves. While it has not been selling off its US dollar holdings, there’s evidence to suggest China wants gold to upend the US dollar as the global reserve currency of choice. The US … Read more

The CLO, a Derivative of a Great Recession Derivative, Could Cause the Next Crisis


CLO: The New CDO The collateralized loan obligation, or CLO, is now in vogue within the world of finance. A CLO is a security that consists of loans with similar characteristics. These characteristics can be the dates on which the loans mature, their risk profiles, etc. The CLO have become popular due to the search … Read more

Government Debt: Cause of the Next Financial Crisis

Government debt financial crisis

Spending Addiction Governments across the globe have grown far too comfortable with expansionary policy. Increased military spending, entitlement programs, tax cuts, and bank bailouts simply add to the amount of debt governments owe to their lenders. As one would expect, government spending is politically popular. Tax cuts put more money in consumers’ pockets, which drives … Read more