Why an Energy Efficient Home is Necessary

Energy Efficient Home

When Resources are Scarce, Conservation is Critical During long term disruptions, whether the result of natural disasters or wars between nations, resources become scarce. The electrical grid could become compromised and supply chains could be obstructed. If we truly want to prepare ourselves for SHTF events, then it’s important that we make the most of … Read more

SHTF Coffee Guide

Barter Economy

From Addicted to Advantaged: SHTF Coffee Guide Coffee is one of the few constants in many of our lives. We need that jolt in the morning to take on the day and our afternoon cup helps us combat post-lunch drowsiness. Our routine caffeine fix may seem necessary now, but many will be forced to break … Read more

Adapting to a Warming World

Adapting to a Warming World

Worse than Expected Recent headlines revealed that the impacts of climate change are even worse than initially expected. It comes as no surprise to me that researchers’ climate change models were wrong. Anticipating weather events is difficult enough, but attempting to predict the speed, scale, and effects of such a dynamic and complex phenomenon as … Read more