How to Buy the Best Pocket Knife

buy the best pocket knife

What Type of Knife is Right for You? Knives are as unique as people, and a knife that suits one person may not suit another person. There are multiple factors that characterize a pocket knife. Design, price, balance, size, weight distribution, and intended use are just a few. Some knives are now historical artifacts and … Read more

Knife Expert Lethimos Masolini Interview

Knife Expert

Introducing Lethimos Masolini Lorenzo “Lethimos” Masolini is an Italian army veteran, student of bushcraft, and knife expert. Lethimos manages, a  website that details the importance, history, and creation of knives. He’s developed knives made specifically for the army, firefighters, and EMS. More recently, he has been producing small series industrial knives for civilians. You … Read more