10 Best Part Time Side Hustles for Preppers

One of the Most Important Preps is Financial Preparedness

Prepping isn’t simply about buying supplies for a bug out bag. It’s a philosophical way of life. One of the most important components of the prepper philosophy is financial preparedness. Preppers should learn to be frugal, so they can save up for a rainy day. More importantly, preppers should diversify their income streams. No one should ever grow too dependent on a single source of income. Jobs are not guaranteed, so it’s important to supplement your primary income with part time side hustles. Below I share the 10 best part time side hustles for preppers.

1. Writing

Preppers are knowledgeable and savvy people. We study history and learn valuable skills. We analyze risks and take necessary precautions. What most people don’t understand is that the prepper way of life can be monetized. By publishing the knowledge and skills we acquire, we are building a part time side hustle. Preppers can write books about their experiences or create and monetize blogs within the prepper genre. Medium is also a great website through which you can publish and monetize content.part time side hustles

It’s important you share your lessons with the prepper community. By making your writings available to the masses, you’re helping others become more prepared. Writing also has the added benefit of opening up an additional stream of income.

2. YouTube/Podcasts

In an age of a multimedia journalism, you can share your talents with others through YouTube and Podcasts. Maybe writing isn’t your strong suit. That’s fine! You can share videos of yourself reviewing prepping tools and products on YouTube. If you build up enough of a fan base, you can acquire ad revenue from your YouTube channel. If you don’t want to show your face to the world, then maybe creating a Podcast is the better approach. There are quite a number of prepper Podcasts in operation today. The prepper community is expanding as more people see the value in prepareness. YouTube and Podcasts are therefore two great part time side hustles worth considering.

3. Teaching

The two above mentioned part time side hustles provide you with outlets through which you can teach others. Teaching, therefore, is another great way to create an additional stream of income. I’m not suggesting you look for a job as a math teacher within the nearest school district. These days, you can teach online from the comfort of your own home. Websites like teachparttime.com are just one way to make some extra money teaching others. You can also get jobs with summer camps, after school programs, or any other number of businesses in need of your knowledge and skills.part time side hustles

If you’re a bit more entrepreneurial, you can create a small business teaching others in a part time capacity. You can market yourself as a “coach” or “consultant,” which are simply two new-age terms for those sharing their skills for money. By teaching part time, whether or not you choose to call yourself a teacher, you can create a lucrative part time side hustle.

4. Real Estate

The real estate market has been doing quite well recently. While we can’t expect this to always be the case, we can capitalize on the bull market. Part time real estate agents don’t just make money off of commissions. They also build networks, learn of houses coming on the market before anyone else, and are alerted to downturns early. As a prepper, there’s an immense benefit to exploring real estate as a part time side hustle. Real estate sales is a great fall back career. Additionally, your network of contacts may open up investment opportunities that could prove profitable.

Energy Efficient HomeTo get started, you’ll need to complete the required coursework and pass the real estate salesperson exam. Once you pass, you can hang your license under a real estate broker. Part time real estate agents can work passively or actively, so some make more money than others. The level of flexibility and potential upside makes real estate a good part time side hustle.

5. Monetizing Hobbies

Hobbies can be a great way to blow off steam. They can also be a good way to earn some extra money. Woodworking, arts & crafts, car restoration, and gardening are just some examples of hobbies that can be monetized. My friend built a dining room table from scratch that looked better than anything out there on the market. It’s beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that I wanted one too. I offered to pay him to make me one, which he agreed to do. Woodworking has always been a hobby of his, which is now literally part time side hustlespaying off.

With websites like Etsy and MegaHobby.com, you can find people willing to pay you to do something you love. Alternatively, you can simply ask people or business owners if they’re interested in paying you to perform your hobby. If you enjoy playing guitar, why not offer to play a gig at a bar for a few bucks? You won’t get rich this way, but getting rich isn’t the point of part time side hustles. Again, you’re preparing for a rainy day.

6. Renting your Home

We’re not always so great about maximizing the efficiency of our space. Sometimes, we have more than we need. If you have a three bedroom home with a basement, are you maximizing the use of your property? If you take a vacation, is your house just left unoccupied? Inefficiencies can be addressed and even monetized. Have you considered renting out your basement to help ease the burden of your mortgage? Did you look into AirBnB as a means of collecting some cash to contribute to those vacation expenses you’re accruing? If you’re fortunate enough to have a home, you should make the most of it. You should be one of the few who turns home ownership into a part time side hustle.

7. Ridesharing

Similar to home ownership, car ownership isn’t always efficiently capitalized upon. If you have a daily commute to work, why not take someone with you and split the costs? Waze, the navigation application, just released a service called Waze Carpool that let’s you make part time side hustlessome money on a drive you would be making anyway. Most people are familiar with Uber and Lyft. These ridesharing applications enable you to engage in a part time side hustle as well. If you have some spare time, why not use it to earn some money through a ridesharing app? At the minimum, the side hustle will make you a bit more financially prepared.

8. Handyman

Preppers make a conscious effort to develop useful skills and become self-reliant. As a result, preppers are pretty handy. There are plenty of people who aren’t so good around the house. When there’s a need, there’s an opportunity. Websites like Thumbtack provide handymen with a means of marketing their services. By becoming a hired handyman, preppers are sharpening their skills while getting paid. Who said preparedness can’t be profitable?

9. Selling Agricultural Products

Many preppers take homesteading seriously, as they should. Why stop at self-sustaining when you can shoot for surplus? Those with a surplus of food can engage in a profitable part time side hustle. Many people are beginning to appreciate the benefits of organic foods. part time side hustlesWe’re also seeing regenerative agriculture start to enter the mainstream. The point is, there’s a market for farm to table agricultural products. If you’re already a homesteader, you can monetize your lifestyle. Doing so conforms to the prepper philosophy.

10. Child Care

I don’t think anyone would say that caring for children is an easy job. That said, child care can be a good part time side hustle. Babysitting has traditionally been a way for teenagers to make money. While in high school, my wife developed a strong connection with the family she babysat for. She also made some extra cash that helped her pay for college. Of course, helping others care for their children isn’t a side hustle exclusively for high school kids. If you’ve raised children yourself, or if you’re in the process of doing so, then you can help others care for their children too.

part time side hustlesWebsites like sittercity.com can help you find babysitting jobs with ease. Many parents might feel more comfortable putting their children in the care of someone they know. It’s therefore important you let parents know you’re willing to take care of their child or children for a reasonable price. You never know when you might need that extra money.

Part Time Side Hustles are Easy to Find

Technology has made it easier than ever to monetize your skills. Various websites and applications help you find buyers of your product and service offerings. I encourage you to look into a number of those mentioned in this post. Some of the 10 best part time side hustles can generate more income than others, but each is worth your consideration. After all, diversifying your income is a responsible prep to perform. If the bull market does finally run out of steam, you’ll be thankful for each part time side hustle you pursued.

Do you have other part time side hustle ideas you’d like to share? Leave a comment below or contact me directly.
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