How to Build a Bunker on a Budget

how to build a bunker on a budget

Preparation is Everything In uncertain times, the idea of having a secure place to shelter can be comforting. While building a fully-fledged underground bunker can be an expensive endeavor, it’s still possible to create a practical and affordable survival shelter on a budget. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the steps, materials, and strategies detailing … Read more

Prepper Princess: Interview with a Youtube Sensation

Prepper Princess

Introducing Prepper Princess Prepper Princess has amassed an enormous online following due to her practical and engaging YouTube videos. For the past 4+ years, she’s been dispensing her advice about SHTF prepping and financial preparedness on her channel. Her videos have racked up millions of views, as her fans keep returning to hear her well-informed … Read more

How to be a Frugal Prepper

frugal prepper

Don’t Break the Bank There is no shortage of prepper gear we can buy these days. Some items are more practical than others, but “experts” will nevertheless try to sell us their latest product offerings. It’s important that we’re able to distinguish between something we need and something someone else wants us to buy. It’s … Read more