Best Bug Out Location to Head to if SHTF

Things Are Getting Bad. What Now?

Does it look like your worst SHTF scenario may come to fruition? Are you struggling to decide what to do next? Do you bug in, or bug out? Okay, you’ve decided to bug out. What bug out location are you going to go to?

There are various aspects of any bug out location that you should consider before choosing one. In this post, I describe the core factors that will influence your decision about where to bug out. Below are the five core factors to bear in mind when deciding on a bug out location:

1. Accessibility

2. Distance

3. Availability of Resources

4. Security

5. Cost


Accessibility is the most important consideration to make when determining your bug out location. If a SHTF event really does occur, you want to ensure you’re able to get to your bug outbug out locationlocation. As an example, if you’re planning on bugging out to the remote mountains of Iceland, you’re signing yourself up for a difficult trek in the midst of a disaster. Your escape must be easily accessible, so that no matter what, rain or shine, you can get to it. Otherwise, your SHTF plan has gone to waste.


Distance, similar to accessibility, is incredibly important when bugging out. What if roads roads are clogged or airports are shutdown? Your escape must be relatively close by, or else you may not reach it. The best bug out location is the one you can actually get to.

Availability of Resources

Reaching your bug out location is just the beginning. The real challenge is surviving. In order to survive at your bug out location, you’ll need resources. Food, water, bug out locationfirst aid, and other resources are critical to your survival. It’s important to have your bug out location stocked full of essentials before you get there. That said, if you end up staying at your bug out location for an extended period of time, your resources may need replenishing. Choose a bug out location near sources of water. Game will naturally be attracted to the water source. In doing so, you may be killing two birds with one stone.


The better your bug out location, the more desirable it will be to others. Your bug out location must be both safe and secure. To better ensure your safety and security, consider the following:

Hidden or discreet entrance

If the entrance to your escape is well hidden, then you can easily avoid unwanted visitors. The best battle is the one that was avoided altogether.


An alternative to discretion is fortification. Like the cities of past empires, fortify your escape to keep out unwanted visitors. Just remember, empires fall as their walls come down. Prepare to defend your bug out location if you fail to make it discreet.

Easily defensible

Always remember the benefits of asymmetry. You want your bug out location to be easily defended and difficult to attack. By building lookouts or easy ways in which to spot incoming attacks, you’re giving yourself a huge advantage over intruders. Fight smart, not hard.


One of the most important aspects of a prepper philosophy is frugality. Your escape doesn’t need to break the bank. Don’t fixate on building a subterranean fortress when a thoughtfully built bunker will suffice. A bug out location should be practical and temporary.

Practical Ideas for a Bug Out Location

Now that you know what to look for in a bug out location, it’s time to think about where to go. Below are a few suggestions.bug out location

Sauris, Italy

Sauris is a commune in Italy. Based at an elevation of 1,212 meters, it’s an ideal location to bug out to if you’re from Europe. Defense from higher ground is always easier than if you’re located at he base of a valley. Moreover, depending on the environmental conditions following a SHTF event, those in Sauris may avoid the worst of the effects.

The Dakotas

Both North and South Dakota are rural and sparsely populated enough to warrant consideration. While any visitor to the Dakotas will have to contend with the cold, a resourceful prepper will be pleased with the opportunities for escape. However, the rich have laid claim to South Dakota. Old military bunkers have been converted to a shelter community. For those with the money, this may be something worth considering. The rest of us are likely left to our own devices.

The Rocky Mountains

Spanning across Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico, the Rockies are a massive mountain range. Some of the best bunkers, like the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, have been built in the mountains. Mountains are rich with natural resources and virtually impenetrable. Setting up your escape to be near a range like the Rockies is worth considering.

bug out locationA Nearby Bunker

Practicality often trumps ideal possibilities. While it would be great to be able to escape to one of the above areas, that may not be feasible. Having a bunker nearby, such as in your backyard, be your best bet. Additionally, having a backyard bunker fits the accessibility, distance, and cost requirements. If you ensure the security of your bunker and stock up on resources, it may be able to get you through the worst of the SHTF scenario.

Do What is Right for You

The considerations are many and the options are endless. What may be important to certain people may be less relevant to you. Your bug out location must be tailor-made to your needs. What really matters most is that you’ve prepared it ahead of time. So, pack your bug out bag. Devise your escape plan. You never know when you need to bug the hell out.

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