What is WROL and What to Do if it Emerges

What is WROL?

WROL stands for Without Rule of Law. It occurs when our institutions break down as a result of a SHTF event. Military, police forces, and any other means by which the law is enforced can deteriorate under certain circumstances. Members of the military and police forces are human, after all. If a deadly pandemic were to hit, you could rest assured that everyone would focus on their own livelihoods before those within their communities. Alternatively, distrust in government institutions could cause the public to rise against legal enforcement, thereby leaving us WROL. So, what is WROL? It’s the deterioration of the societal infrastructure as we know it.

Returning to Our Basest Instincts

There are thousands of potential scenarios that could leave our society without rule of law (WROL). I’ve spent time covering Events¬†that could do such a thing (EMP, tech), but I haven’t yet explored what society WROL looks like.¬†Without the many luxuries we’ve grown to take for granted, our primal natures begin to overtake our sense of community. If food stocks begin to deplete and available water runs short, paranoia will sweep through the population. Unfortunately, paranoia tends to breed chaos and fracture our societal structures. The police force, government, and firemen we’re used to will no longer command the authority or respect they once did. You must be ready to adapt to a society that degenerates into every man for himself. What is WROL? It’s a return to our basest instincts.

1. Prepare for the Long Term

When your community looks as if it will be WROL, you must first accumulate enough food, water, and medical supplies as possible. If you or a family member has a chronic illness, it’s important that you prioritize getting as much medication as possible. Chronic illnesses don’t just afflict a single person in the community, so it’s critical to be quick and efficient in ensuring your own survival. While this may sound cruel, we will see that far crueler acts are performed WROL. Once you have what you need to survive, you must protect it at all costs. Your shelter should be secure and you should have the necessary arms to defend what’s yours. I recommend reading William Forstchen’s One Second After to learn the power of quick thinking when society is WROL.

2. Never Go Out Alone

WROL, the police force is no longer around to maintain order. You should have someone with you to offer you protection if you leave your secure location. The above mentioned food, water, and medical supplies you’re in pursuit of are valuable to others as well. Have a partner or team with you to protect your goods. Moreover, you need to protect one another. We don’t need to dive too far into history books before reading about the gruesome acts men have committed against other men and women in war time. Prepare for violent outbursts when you’re exposed to those you don’t know or trust.

3. Set the Example

Societies are only temporarily WROL. Ultimately, order reemerges and the community rebuilds. That said, it should be the responsibility of the level-headed preppers to help instill the right values in those on the new governing body. Germany’s leadership following its defeat in WWI led to the atrocities committed during WWII. However, after its defeat in WWII, Germany ultimately became a leader and promoter of European democracy. Communities, let alone nations, aren’t necessarily set on the right course after societal breakdown. It’s up to us to create the model for the future.

Reemerging Stronger

Those of you who have read some of my other posts may think I’m a pessimist. However, I think that there are enough rationally minded and kind-hearted people out there to get society back on track if we are ever to be WROL. Communities can emerge more tightly knit and with shared values after experiencing a period of suffering. New York City became more resilient than ever following 9/11 due to the heroism and selfless acts performed by local, national, and international citizens. Doom and gloom doesn’t need to linger; in fact, times of crisis can bring us closer together and cause us to become stronger than ever.

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