Prepper Self Defense: 3 Tips to Stay Safe in Dangerous Situations

Prepare to Respond Well to Uncertainty

Life is more uncertain today than ever before. Dangers are lurking around everywhere. You can never be too prepared to face what life throws at you as you step out of your home. Dangers can include neighborhood criminals, riots, shootings, and other violent incidents. It makes sense to become an ardent prepper, as doing so prepares you for the most dangerous situations. Not only does prepping make you capable of protecting yourself, but it also enables you to safeguard your family and property. Prepper self defense should be the primary focus of anyone focusing on preparedness.

Prepper self defense is not just about combating dangers, but also about anticipating them and, if possible, preventing them altogether. You need to think beyond brute strength and see the bigger picture in order to get ready for any dangerous situation. Below, I share three prepper self defense tips that will help you to stay safe in dangerous situations.

1. Stay Physically Fit

When you encounter a dangerous situation, physical fitness can reduce your risk of harm. Physical fitness can put you at an advantage if you choose to fight off an attacker. Alternatively, should the threat be overwhelming, physically fit individuals can outrun attackers. More often than not, running away is the smarter option. Prepper self defense isn’t always about being a hero. You should prepper self defense

always prioritize your safety and the safety of your family over your ego.

Don’t stop at physical fitness. Invest your time and energy in basic self-defense training. Whether you decide to teach yourself or rely on the instruction of a professional, self defense training will bring you the confidence and expertise needed to fend off attackers.

2. Invest in Tactical Gear and Other Protective Equipment

Despite making the best physical preparations, you may still find yourself vulnerable in dangerous situations. Sometimes, you may need tactical gear and other protective equipment to ensure your survival. I suggest you read more about your tactical gear options and making a purchase based on your unique needs. While carrying protective equipment may make you feel safer, you need to know how to wield it in a dangerous situation.

Prepper self defense shouldn’t just be limited to martial arts. Learn how to use your tactical gear and whatever self defense weapons you may purchase. Without the proper education about how to use your gear, you’re simply carrying around props. Bear in mind that your gear doesn’t need to be deadly. Your focus should be on disarming an attacker. A neutralized threat is always better than a dead threat, since threats aren’t always beyond redemption. Remember, prepper self defense is our focus, not prepper offense.

3. Build Your Confidence

While physical fitness and having the right gear will help you in dangerous situations, they’re not a substitute for confidence. Those who remain fearless in the most harrowing situations are the most likely to handle anything life throws at them. Confidence stems from training (as mentioned above), education, and mental fortitude. You don’t just need to be physically fit. Mental fitness is equally important. Learn how to calm your nerves through meditation or similar coping mechanism.

Confidence clearly shows in what you do. A confident person conveys his confidence in his body language. Among all potential targets, do you think an attacker is going to single out the person looking ready to handle anything? Build your confidence, stay alert, and project it to the public. Eye contact can be used as a weapon. Attackers want to target those who are off-guard. The most successful prepper is the one that avoids danger. Projecting your confidence and readiness is the best way to do so.

Prepper Self Defense is Key to Survival

Physical fitness, tactical gear, and confidence are the three prepper self defense must-haves. Each is integral to the development of a prepper philosophy. A prepper doesn’t take his safety for granted. So, you have to be prepared enough to keep yourself safe through these difficult times. Your safety and that of your family depends on it. Moreover, share these tips with your family members. Ideally, more than just one person in your family is trained in prepper self defense. The more prepared people there are, the less reliant on a single person your family will be. 

Discussion of prepper self defense is more relevant today than it has been in a while. As the country grows more divided, it grows more dangerous. Insure against that danger by investing in prepper self defense. You and your family will be better off. Stay safe out there. 

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