Brexit Box: Case in Point of Government Incompetence


Brexit Box

Brexit discussions have continued to drag on without a firm deal in place. In February, Theresa May’s proposed strategy to withdraw Britain from the European Union suffered a brutal defeat at the hands of Parliament. On March 29th, Britain is scheduled to leave the EU. Doing so without a deal in place could critically damage the British economy. British citizens have begun to take notice. The Brexit Box is a case in point.

Brexit Boxes have been marketed to the British people in response to worries of food shortages. Emergency Food Storage, the UK company selling Brexit Boxes, states the,

“Brexit Box is a great start to help you overcome Brexit stockpile worries of no food in the shops… A type of food insurance with a lifespan of up to 25 years – this really is the best you can get when being prepared for Brexit.”

No-Deal Brexit Consequences

The possibility of disastrous consequences of a no-deal Brexit are very real. While the UK government doesn’t even know the extent of the damage a no-deal Brexit could cause, the following disruptions are certain to happen:

  1. Crippling delays at ports

    • Without a Brexit deal in place, the amount of paperwork and customs checks will increase significantly. This will lead to delays that could bankrupt firms involved in the supply chain. Some firms anticipate the need to layoff workers to compensate for the increased import tariffs. Roughly 4% of British businesses have started to stockpile goods.
    • The port delays may also lead to food shortages, as Britain imports about 40% of its food supply. This could leave many citizens without fresh produce and higher food prices. This is of course the problem products like the Brexit Box seek to address.
  2. Thousands of troops will be deployed to help with government needs

    • 3,500 troops are on standby to support the government in the event of a no-deal Brexit. While no government department specifically made a formal request, the Defense Secretary is preparing for worst case scenarios.
  3. Supply of medicine and medical devices will decrease

    • The medical industry is very tightly regulated. Non-EU medicine and medical device manufacturers need to reach agreements with EU personnel in order to sell their devices in the EU market. Similarly, the EU cannot supervise arrangements to access the UK market if the UK leaves the EU. Without firm arrangements in place, citizens of the UK and EU both may have to contend with medical supply shortages.
  4. Tensions between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland

    • If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, a hard border will be created to divide Ireland from Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is part of the UK, though the Republic of Ireland, a sovereign state, is not. While both regions of “Ireland” are part of the EU, a no-deal Brexit could escalate tensions and threaten progress made with The Good Friday Agreement. The Good Friday Agreement recognized that:
      • The majority of Northern Ireland wanted to remain part of the UK.
      • The majority of Ireland (the entire island) want Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland reunited.
      • Northern Ireland will continue to be part of the UK until the majority of both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland want a united Ireland.
    • The creation of a hard border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland will resurface memories of the bloodshed that preceded The Good Friday Agreement. It may also drive the two regions of Ireland further apart from one another.

Government Incompetence

As I mentioned above, the UK government does not know the full extent of the damage a no-deal Brexit will cause. Why did the UK government they elect to hold a Brexit referendum in the first place? How could an uninformed public possibly make a good decision? A democratically elected government should act in the best interests of its constituents. We see they failed to do so by holding the Brexit referendum and subsequently failing to reach a Brexit deal.

The Brexit disaster serves as an important lesson in self-reliance. We cannot necessarily expect our governments to act in our best interests. We should therefore have our own contingency plans in anticipation of SHTF events like Brexit. The Brexit Box wouldn’t exist if the government didn’t decide to hold the Brexit referendum. It’s government incompetence, therefore, that led to the circumstances the people of the UK have found themselves in.

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Brexit Box

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