Raising Animals for Food: Why Everyone Should Develop this Skill

raising animals for food

Building Resilience to Food Shortages Raising animals for food is a great way to provide your family with healthy, nutritious meat. Every prepper should have this skill, as you never know when access to mass-produced foods may be comprised. That said, raising animals for food is not without its challenges. It requires a lot of … Read more

Why You Should Consider Tending to Homestead Gardens

homestead gardens

Embracing Tradition Homestead gardens are an age-old tradition that dates back to the early days of human civilization. In essence, a homestead garden is a small-scale farm that is maintained by the family living on the property. Homestead gardens are usually planted with a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs, and are intended to provide … Read more

How to Compost at Home

how to compost at home

Sustainability at Home Composting is a process that involves breaking down organic materials such as food scraps, leaves, and yard trimmings into nutrient-rich soil. It is an easy and environmentally-friendly way to dispose of food waste and other organic materials, and it offers a range of benefits to both the composter and the environment. This … Read more

How to Be Self Sufficient

how to be self sufficient

Relying on No One but Yourself Self-sufficiency is the ability to provide for one’s own needs without relying on outside sources. In today’s world, where we are so dependent on technology and convenience, it can be challenging to imagine being truly self-sufficient. However, it is possible to achieve a certain level of self-sufficiency in various … Read more

Morgan Rogue of Rogue Preparedness Interview

rogue preparedness

Introducing Morgan Rogue of Rogue Preparedness Morgan Rogue is a prepping and survival expert. She’s been prepping for the past ten years and, in 2015, started sharing her learnings¬†with the prepper community. Morgan educates her many followers through her website, Rogue Preparedness, as well as her YouTube channel of the same name. Morgan has also … Read more

Regenerative Agriculture Can Reverse Climate Change

regenerative agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture: A Sustainable Form of Farming Industrial farming practices have a devastating impact on the environment. In 2016, agriculture and forestry accounted for nearly 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Much of this output stems from the use of nitrogen-based fertilizers and nutrients. At this rate, climate change will continue to cause catastrophic weather … Read more

Why an Energy Efficient Home is Necessary

Energy Efficient Home

When Resources are Scarce, Conservation is Critical During long term disruptions, whether the result of natural disasters or wars between nations, resources become scarce. The electrical grid could become compromised and supply chains could be obstructed. If we truly want to prepare ourselves for SHTF events, then it’s important that we make the most of … Read more