How to Become a Female Prepper


Far from being the trend of the moment, becoming a prepper takes time, dedication, goals and sacrifices.

female prepperThere are no predispositions that enable someone to become a prepared person. It is all about awareness, and everyone can actually acquire it.

This article is intended to be a how-to guide from an experienced female prepper to a budding one. I am not the ultimate expert within this field, not at all. I consider myself a learner, and moved by constant curiosity and desire to improve, which are the very cornerstones of a female prepper’s mindset.

My Personal Reason for Becoming a Female Prepper

No one can actually jump out of bed one day and become a prepper. It doesn’t work this way, neither for men nor for women.

No doubt we can be influenced by several factors, like the presence of a prepper in our lives (husband, boyfriend, whatever), which could sparkle in us the desire to know more about what it means to be prepared.

To be honest with you, I began my journey to become a female prepper due to my fiancee’s influence. Until several years ago, I had no idea of what a prepper was. He was interested, though, and I wanted to learn more. I was, and still am, eager to discover how to improve myself and how to face tough, or potentially SHTF, situations.

To be clear, I didn’t start prepping simply to please my partner. I realized that mishaps in life can be just around the corner. Being prepared is essential to survival. So, I started to read some books, watch videos on YouTube, and purchase essential items. Your desire to become a female prepper has to be sincere. It requires commitment and constant personal development.

Learn from the Past to Prepare for the Future

 Historia magistra vitae“. This old Latin motto stands for “History is a life teacher.

This is exceptionally true today. In order to face the present, we must be aware of what happened in the past and how people to endure and solve the most trying situations.

One example that is relevant today is the Spanish Flu pandemic that plagued the world in the early 1900s. The Spanish Flu of course has many similarities to the coronavirus pandemic we’re currently experiencing. Being informed about how our ancestors reacted to a pandemic over a century ago actually helps us to handle the current situation.

In a few words, history is cyclical. Books, documents, documentaries provide us with aids to improve our understanding of the present. A female preppers must appreciate the value of history in order to best prepare for life throws at her.

Be Prepared for the Future

If you really want something in life, you need to work for it. A female prepper fights for what she wants and does not to give up when encountering hardship. Your commitment to creating a positive future for yourself is fundamental to personal growth. You cannot count on a life where everything goes according to plan. Abrupt changes, chaos, and grief are all a part of a life. Acceptance of this fact helps you to become a strong woman, let alone a female prepper. Working on your preparation for an uncertain future should be your top priority.


 A female prepper should acknowledge her innate talents and fears. Prepping differs from person to person. I suggest you leverage your current skills and adapt them to survival. Are you interested in gardening? Learn about edible plants and how to forage. Are you a talented cook? Then learning the benefits of canning food for preservation should be right up your alley. Becoming a female prepper doesn’t mean starting from scratch. Look inward, recognize your talents, and begin from there.

Basics a Female Prepper Should Master

I believe a female prepper should become an expert at the following tasks:

  • first aid
  • fire starting
  • purifying water
  • shelter building
  • foraging
  • processing meat
  • sewing and tailoring
  • animal and man tracking
  • shooting
  • employing blades

This list is obviously not exhaustive.

Reading books and watching videos on YouTube are surely a good starting point, but they’re not enough. Practical skills, as you’d expect, take a lot of practice.

Experienced instructors teach these skills. A training course may be one of the best ways to develop skills a female prepper needs while getting practice under the supervision of an expert. We’ll inevitably make mistake. Guidance can help ensure you correct those mistakes and improve over time. Perseverance is required, especially when getting started. A SHTF event will not give us any mercy, so learn how to keep pushing forward!

Intuition is a Female Prepper’s Best Friend

I often stress the importance of common sense to my students when they approach the ancient art of reading, interpreting, and following animal and human tracks.

The ground gives us all the information we need to understand what happened in a specific spot within an interval of time. I can say with no hesitation that common sense is your best friend and the most trusted ally in a SHTF situation.

After reading the situation, your gut instinct is probably the best course of action. This is certainly true when we become more skilled at identifying threats after developing situational awareness. Situational awareness is strictly connected to observation. And feminine sensitivity can play an essential role in it!

Detecting what is “off balance” in a specific context, in fact, can help us to identify a potential danger to a person or a group. Think, for example, of a terroristic attack or an approaching violent storm.

Every scene is fluid, therefore our mind should be able to catch every oddity. No small movement or strange behavior should go ignored.

Learn and constantly train your mind to be:

  • on alert
  • accurate (in analyzing threats)
  • rational
  • ready

Share Preparedness with Your Family

There’s nothing bad about having concerns about the future. Concern for your family should come naturally to any prepper, let alone a female prepper. This doesn’t make you a weak individual. Love for your family makes you more thoughtful about risk, which can make the difference between living or dying following a SHTF event.

Being prepared can be extended to all members of your family, as Morgan Rogue teaches in her YouTube videos. Being a mother comes with enormous responsibilities. Teaching your children how to be ready in the face of danger is an integral component of their education.

Far from paranoia, being prepared is a way of developing common sense and can be shared with even the smallest members of your family.

Here are a few examples of skills a female prepper should do to help her children become more self-reliant:

  • teaching them a skill you gained
  • planning activities to do together, simulating a bug out situation
  • choosing and packing every family member’s bug out bag
  • organizing inside your house a place where to stockpile food
  • making a list of priorities
  • making a list of dos and don’ts in a SHTF scenario
  • practicing a skill

Redefining Yourself as a Female Prepper

From the very first steps you take down this path, you will be amazed by how your mindset will change. You will hone new skills and continue to discover things about yourself. As you become a female prepper, you will subject yourself to systematic change for the better. Here are a few changes you should notice.

Physical Health

Those who are healthy are able to overcome deprivation and fatigue. Knowing this, you will develop a balanced diet and exercise and train daily. If you see yourself becoming fatigued when training, then train harder. Procrastination prevents your further growth.

Mental Focus

A healthy body needs a healthy mind and vice versa. Good nutrition will serve you properly to activate your mind, leading you to consider possible threats and dangers in the most rational and focused ways possible. Continue to test your mental stamina. Keep your mind active. Never stop learning. A SHTF scenario requires mental focus. The female prepper has mental focus in spades.

Clothing and Gear

Needless to say, a female prepper requires specific clothing and gear which she can wear, test, and handle according to her needs. These needs are comfort, practicality, and protection.

Trendy clothing and gear aren’t fit for a SHTF situation, as your life can literally depend on them.


The journey to becoming a female prepper is long, but transformational. You’ll develop a new attitude, become more self-reliant, and teach these skills to your family. Don’t wait. Get started on your journey today.

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