Preppers Survive: Interview with Prepper Nettie David

preppers survive

Introducing Nettie David of Preppers Survive Nettie David is the owner of Preppers Survive, a website devoted to spreading awareness and knowledge of emergency preparedness. Nettie is on a mission to educate and motivate others to become self-reliant. Fortunately, Nettie has been incredibly successful to date, having created one of the most successful prepper blogs … Read more

Skilled Survival: Interview with Engineer and Survival Expert “Just in Case” Jack

skilled survival

Introducing “Just in Case” Jack of Skilled Survival Jack runs Skilled Survival, a survival and prepping website he created to share his knowledge with the prepper community. A trained engineering manager, Jack has honed his leadership and technical skills over the years. Jack is an outdoorsman who has developed a survival skillset while backpacking in … Read more

Emergency Tips Every Prepper Should Follow

emergency tips

Are You Prepared for an Emergency? Everyone knows emergencies happen. Natural disasters, terrorist attacks, pandemics, and freak accidents can all occur with little warning. While you may acknowledge the possibility of an emergency, have you prepared for one? Do you have an escape plan? Are you aware of the essential emergency supplies every prepper needs? … Read more

Kyt Lyn Walken: Interview with a Survival and Tracking Expert

kyt lyn walken

Introducing Kyt Lyn Walken Kyt Lyn Walken is a survival and tracking expert. She is an official representative and instructor at Hull’s Tracking School, a school that teaches law enforcement and military personnel visual tracking skills. Additionally, Kyt is a conservation ranger certified by the Conservation Rangers Operations Worldwide (C.R.O.W.) While based in Europe, Kyt … Read more

TruePrepper Founder Rusty: Interview with an Army Veteran and Engineer


Introducing Rusty of TruePrepper Rusty founded TruePrepper, a top prepping and survival website, in 2016. Like the website he manages, Rusty emphasizes the importance of risk analysis. As an Air Force veteran and engineer, Rusty is an expert when it comes to identifying and mitigating risks of manmade and natural disasters. Rusty and I discussed … Read more

The Prepper Journal: Interview with Army Veteran and Prepping Expert

the prepper journal

Introducing Pat Henry of The Prepper Journal Pat Henry is the editor and creator of The Prepper Journal, a website he created in 2013. Since 2013, The Prepper Journal has become a go-to resource for anyone interested in prepping and survival. Pat has been prepping since 2007, long before prepping hit the mainstream. He’s an … Read more

Plan and Prepared: Interview with a Survival Blogger and Deputy Sheriff

Plan and Prepared

Introducing James of Plan and Prepared James is the real deal. As a former survival instructor and current deputy sheriff, James knows a thing or two about managing threats. James shares his wisdom in his posts on Plan and Prepared, a prepping and survival website. With years of survival experience under his belt, I knew … Read more

Why Every Prepper Should Have Tactical Flashlights

tactical flashlights

An Essential Prep Tactical flashlights are great inventions that differ from the more traditional household flashlights. The question is, how do they differ from other flashlights? What is it that makes them tactical? Tactical flashlights are most often used by the military persons and the police. The military and police mount them on their weapons … Read more