Why Every Prepper Should Have Tactical Flashlights

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Tactical flashlights are great inventions that differ from the more traditional household flashlights. The question is, how do they differ from other flashlights? What is it that makes them tactical?

Tactical flashlights are most often used by the military persons and the police. The military and police mount them on their tactical flashlightweapons to help them carry out low-light shooting activities. In this article, I explain how to use a tactical flashlight.

How to Use a Tactical Flashlight

Tactical flashlights offer a lot that other flashlights don’t. Most people acquire a flashlight for illumination purposes. However, there are additional modes of use for tactical flashlights. I’ll outline them below. You can also check out the Tacticalx flashlight review for additional information.

Self Defense

Tactical flashlights concentrate the light they emit into a narrow beam. Due to the high amount of lumens tactical flashlights produce, they’re incredibly bright. They can temporarily blind any potential attacker, making them a great means of self defense.

tactical flashlightAdditionally, tactical flashlights are both sturdy and durable. Currently, there are even versions used in military and law enforcement. For instance, large Maglite flashlights have a hard exterior and long, thick handle. They can serve as weapons to be used to exert blunt force trauma.


While tactical flashlights differ from traditional flashlights, they can serve the same purpose of illumination. Tactical flashlights guide you through the darkness in the event of a power outage. They will spare you the efforts of fumbling in the dark.

Start a Fire

If you’re in a difficult situation in which your survival is at stake, tactical flashlights can be used to start a fire. You can use the flashlight to magnify the sun in the daytime. This is accomplished by using the protective glass lens from your flashlight cap. Shine the light of your flashlight on to tinder, which will ultimately create small embers. Blowing on the embers will give the budding fire enough oxygen to grow larger.

Signal for Help

Tactical flashlights make for great prepper tools. Should you ever be in a SHTF situation, tactical flashlights are a great way to signal for help. Move your hand back and forth in front of the light. By doing this, you can get the attention of potential rescuers.

Qualities of a Good Tactical Flashlight

A lot of tactical flashlight models are available in the market. However, they don’t all offer the same capabilities. Some models have high lumens, roughly 15, while others exceed 2,000 lumens. There are things high lumen flashlights can do that those with a lower number of lumens cannot. Therefore, it’s advisable you choose a tactical flashlight based on the intended use and your budget. Below are a few qualities of a good flashlight that may help you make a purchasing decision.


Tactical flashlights come in different sizes. I suggest buying a small tactical flashlight that can fit in your pocket. A larger model can prove difficult to carry. If the primary use of the flashlight is illumination, a smaller size should be sufficient.

tactical flashlight


Tactical flashlights are great gadgets that can save you in the event of an emergency. So, when buying one, ensure you get an option that will function perfectly in all climatic conditions. A waterproof tactical flashlight is a must-have. You never know what type of conditions you’ll encounter if SHTF.


A tactical flashlight that is strong and sturdy can withstand whatever a SHTF event throws at it. Various materials are used to make different flashlights. Those made of hard-anodized aluminum are considered durable and also portable. Additionally, you need a tactical flashlight that you can grip without dropping.


A tactical flashlight is necessary for every prepper. Pack it in your bug out bag, as you’ll need one if SHTF. There are many options to choose from, so be sure to get a tactical flashlight that is durable, portable, has a high lumen count, and a great grip. Times seem to be getting darker… see your way through the darkness with a great tactical flashlight.

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