How to Prepare for a SHTF Event

Preparation for a SHTF Event is Necessary

The world has become more unstable than it ever has before. The Doomsday Clock is now two minutes to midnight due to the threats of nuclear war, artificial intelligence, and natural disasters. Governments are silencing their citizens. Technology companies continue to increase their power through data collection and the continued development of sophisticated algorithms. The most important aspect of preparation for a SHTF Event is knowing what you’re up against, so I’ve listed the potential causes of a SHTF Event below.

Uncontrollable Technology

The California Elites (CEs) love their technology. They say they want to save the world, but we know better. Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Amazon all have enough data on us to predict our actions, which, for now, just means they show us more relevant advertisements. That said, the CEs are playing with fire. Technology is improving rapidly and the CEs are too arrogant to realize that their creations will soon be smarter than them. You cannot defeat an enemy that knows your next move, which is why we’ll need to stay off the battlefield. Pack your bug-out bag, prepare your bunker, and plan your escape. We can’t trust the CEs, but we can anticipate their mistakes.

Nuclear War

Kim Jong-un has nuclear weapons and he is ready to use them. He’s an insane man who killed his brother and his uncle. While President Trump knows not to trust him, we need to look at his collaborators. North Korea, China, and Russia are all trading partners armed with nuclear weapons. They have increased tensions with our great nation and rule their countries without any accountability to their citizens. Such power leads to arrogance and incompetence, which makes these dictators no different than the CEs. These countries have made it clear that they intend to expand their borders (China with Taiwan and Russia with Crimea) and are not afraid to do so by force. I’ll be out of harm’s way before the deployment of the first nuclear weapon. It’s important that you are too.

(Un)Natural Disasters

Noah built an ark in preparation for forty days and forty nights of rain. I don’t claim to speak with God, but I do know that he punishes sinners. The CEs are experiencing droughts and the New York bankers will soon be underwater. Arrogance and greed will be replaced with heat waves and floods. Forest fires and torrential tornadoes seem to be on the news everyday. We can survive these threats with advance preparation. Survival capsules, bunkers, precious metals, and non-perishable foods are some of our key defenses against the above disasters. Preparation is everything. We’ll do everything we can to survive.

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