3 Reasons Why You Should Develop a Prepper Philosophy

Preppers aren’t Paranoid.They’re Pragmatic

In some social circles, preppers don’t have such great reputations. Preppers are sometimes depicted wearing tinfoil hats while muttering about government surveillance. Some people roll their eyes at the mention of doomsday scenarios. In fact, the show Doomsday Preppers is categorized as a reality TV program. Reality TV is designed to entertain, not to inform. Given the prevalence of negative prepper sentiments, I’m going to attempt to balance the scales. Preppers aren’t paranoid. They’re pragmatic.prepper philosophy

By developing a prepper philosophy, you’re insuring yourself for life. Our world is complex, random, and uncertain. Preppers maintain more control over their lives by investing in insurance. Building a rainy-day fund and developing survival skills are hedges against the possibility of disaster. In other posts, I share various preparations you can make to better ensure your security, whether it’s financial or physical. In this post, I’ll share 3 reasons why you should develop a prepper philosophy.

1. Preppers Understand the Risk of Economic Downturns

There have been 13 recessions since the Great Depression. It’s therefore safe to say that we will experience at least one more recession in our lifetimes. Preppers know this and have prepared for eventual economic downturns. They have set aside money to help their families endure tightening labor markets. They have built additional sources of income such that they are not reliant on a single income stream. If another recession is effectively inevitable, don’t you think you should be prepared? Improving your financial health to insulate you from the next decline isn’t a one-time preparation. It’s a philosophical mindset. Contributions to rainy-day funds should be ongoing and frugality should be a way of life. Financial preparedness, therefore, is one of the core tenets of a prepper philosophy.

2. Preppers Know Natural Disasters are Increasing in Frequency

Disastrous weather events like hurricanes and forest fires are happening more often. As climate patterns change, the number natural disasters occurring annually increases. We are therefore at an increased risk of experiencing natural disasters in our area. Preppers know this. They evaluate the most likely natural disasters based on their geography. As an example, California is at risk for fires, droughts, and earthquakes, whereas Florida is at risk for hurricanes, floods, and vector-borne diseases. Preppers perform preventative measures like reinforcing their homes and building survival caches. They also create escape plans knowing natural disasters can force them out of their homes. These aren’t paranoid preps. Every preparation is well-thought out. That’s the prepper philosophy at work.

3. Preppers See Societal Fractures Creating Tension

Tensions continue to escalate both domestically and internationally. Trade wars are escalating. The threat of wars between nations looms. The divide between the haves and the have-nots expands. Preppers aren’t passively sitting around as these developments progress.  They understand that the world isn’t static. The dynamic nature of our people, technology, and environment creates complex interactions that we need to respond to. Preppers are calculating the likelihood of blow-ups and acting accordingly. If nuclear war looks to be more probable, preppers have a plan. When the costs of goods and services begin increase due to a trade war, preppers have a plan. If the wealth gap is causing protests like those during the Occupy Wall Street movement, preppers have a plan. The prepper philosophy requires we make deliberate decisions based on current events. This isn’t crazy. It’s calculated.

A Prepper Philosophy is a Risk Mitigation Strategy

I hope by now you see how pragmatic the prepper philosophy really is. Preppers are constantly assessing risks and acting accordingly. We don’t do things without rhyme or reason. We aren’t paranoid. We’re just prepared. Prepping is a hedge against the risk of disaster. This definition is threaded through everything I’ve posted on Bunker Basics so far. If you want to reduce the risks you encounter in life, I suggest you subscribe to the prepper philosophy.

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7 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why You Should Develop a Prepper Philosophy”

  1. I am a prepper. Ive been doing this since the mid 60s..i agree with you and Thankyou for all you do. Please keep it up. ☺☺☺

  2. THANK YOU!! I’m leaving this article where my wife (who isn’t quite on board with prepping) will “find it laying around”. The Boy Scout motto is “Be Prepared”; it never says for what we should prepare. Only to be prepared. For anything and everything. I don’t prep for any one event, I prep for a variety of events. If you prep for one thing to happen, something else will blind side you.

  3. I wish more people thought like this !!! I’ve been prepping since I moved to Alaska and that first year we had a power outage for about a week. It was winter and cold. Taught me a lesson. ❤

  4. The definition of haves and have nots is changed.
    If you’re an average worker your a have, the liberals think they are have nots and want to take all yours away.


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