Best Jobs for Preppers

Getting Paid for Your Skills

As a prepper, it’s important to consider not just your survival skills and stockpile of resources, but also your income and job security. In the event of an emergency or economic collapse, having a stable and valuable skillset can make all the difference. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best jobs for preppers.

1. Farmer/Gardener

One of the most essential skills needed to become self-sufficient is the ability to grow your own food. As a farmer or gardener, you’ll not only have the skills needed to feed yourself and your family, but you’ll also have the potential to sell your produce to others. Additionally, farmers and gardeners are often able to trade their goods and services with other members of their community, creating a mutually beneficial network.

2. Handyman/Contractor

In a post-collapse world, the ability to repair and maintain infrastructure will be in high demand. As a handyman or contractor, you’ll be able to provide essential services to others, such as repairing roofs, fixing plumbing issues, and building structures. Additionally, you can use your skills to barter for goods and services that you need.

3. Medical Professional

The importance of healthcare cannot be overstated in a crisis situation. As a medical professional, you’ll have the skills to provide essential care to yourself and others. This could include treating injuries, illnesses, and infections, as well as administering medication and performing emergency procedures. Medical professionals are also likely to be in high demand in a post-collapse world, making this a valuable skillset.

4. Security/Defense

In times of unrest, security becomes a top priority. As a security or defense professional, you’ll be able to provide protection for yourself and others, whether it’s through physical security measures or the use of firearms. Additionally, security professionals may be called upon to provide security services for businesses or communities, providing a valuable income source.

5. Electrician/Engineer

best jobs for preppersIn a world without power grids or access to modern technology, the ability to generate and utilize electricity becomes critical. As an electrician or engineer, you’ll have the skills to design and build generators, solar panels, and other alternative energy sources. Additionally, you’ll be able to repair and maintain electrical equipment, such as radios and communication devices, which will be essential for staying connected with others.

6. Hunter/Trapper

In a post-collapse world, hunting and trapping will become an essential skill for obtaining food and materials. As a hunter or trapper, you’ll be able to provide for yourself and your family by sourcing meat, furs, and other resources. Additionally, you can trade your goods with others for items that you need.

7. Teacher/Trainer

As a prepper, you’ve likely accumulated a wealth of knowledge and skills that others may find valuable. As a teacher or trainer, you can share your expertise with others and help them become more self-sufficient. This could include teaching basic survival skills, sharing farming and gardening techniques, or providing training in self-defense and firearms safety.

8. Mechanic

In a post-collapse world, vehicles and machinery will become more valuable than ever before. As a mechanic, you’ll be able to repair and maintain cars, tractors, and other machinery, providing a valuable service to others. Additionally, you can use your skills to barter for goods and services that you need.

9. Chef

The ability to cook and prepare food is a valuable skill in any situation. As a chef, you’ll be able to use your culinary skills to create delicious and nutritious meals from the ingredients that you have available. Additionally, you can trade your culinary services with others for items that you need.

10. Homesteader

As a homesteader, you’ll have a wide range of skills and knowledge that make you incredibly self-sufficient. You’ll be able to provide for yourself and your family by growing your own food, raising animals, and generating your own energy. Additionally, you’ll have the skills to repair and maintain your own equipment and infrastructure, saving you money and providing a valuable income source. Of course, not everyone can become a full-time homesteader, but there are still plenty of steps that you can take to become more self-sufficient. Start by learning basic survival skills and stockpiling essential supplies, such as food, water, and medical supplies. Then, focus on developing a valuable skillset that can provide income and security in any situation.

The Best Jobs for Preppers are Ways to Get Paid for Skills we Have

There are many jobs and skills that are valuable for preppers and survivalists. Whether you choose to become a farmer, electrician, hunter, or homesteader, the most important thing is to develop a wide range of skills that can help you become more self-sufficient and prepared for any situation. By taking the time to learn new skills and invest in your own self-sufficiency, you’ll be better equipped to face the challenges of the future.

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best job for preppersbest jobs for preppers

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